Swimsuit one piece Ava (131826)

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65E88-100 cm63-67 cm85-87 cm
65F88-100 cm63-67 cm87-89 cm
65G88-100 cm63-67 cm89-91 cm
65H88-100 cm63-67 cm91-93 cm
65I88-100 cm63-67 cm93-95 cm
65J88-100 cm63-67 cm95-97 cm
70D92-106 cm68-72 cm88-90 cm
70E92-106 cm68-72 cm90-92 cm
70F92-106 cm68-72 cm92-94 cm
70G92-106 cm68-72 cm94-96 cm
70H92-106 cm68-72 cm96-98 cm
70I92-106 cm68-72 cm98-100 cm
70J92-106 cm68-72 cm100-112 cm
75C96-112 cm73-77 cm91-93 cm
75D96-112 cm73-77 cm93-95 cm
75E96-112 cm73-77 cm95-97 cm
75F96-112 cm73-77 cm97-99 cm
75G96-112 cm73-77 cm99-101 cm
75H96-112 cm73-77 cm101-103 cm
75I96-112 cm73-77 cm103-105 cm
80B100-118 cm78-82 cm94-96 cm
80C100-118 cm78-82 cm96-98 cm
80D100-118 cm78-82 cm98-100 cm
80E100-118 cm78-82 cm100-102 cm
80F100-118 cm78-82 cm102-104 cm
80G100-118 cm78-82 cm104-106 cm
80H100-118 cm78-82 cm106-108 cm
85B104-123 cm83-87 cm99-101 cm
85C104-123 cm83-87 cm101-103 cm
85D104-123 cm83-87 cm103-105 cm
85E104-123 cm83-87 cm105-107 cm
85F104-123 cm83-87 cm107-109 cm
85G104-123 cm83-87 cm109-111 cm
90B108-128 cm88-92 cm104-106 cm
90C108-128 cm88-92 cm106-108 cm
90D108-128 cm88-92 cm108-110 cm
90E108-128 cm88-92 cm110-112 cm
90F108-128 cm88-92 cm112-114 cm
95B112-132 cm93-97 cm109-111 cm
95C112-132 cm93-97 cm111-113 cm
95D112-132 cm93-97 cm113-115 cm
95E112-132 cm93-97 cm115-117 cm

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