Swimsuit two piece Marko (82212)

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SizeHipsUnderbustChestBottom sizeCup Size
42/80H100 cm76-80 cm98-99 cmXL H
75B/M92 cm71-75 cm84-85 cmM B
75C/L96 cm71-75 cm86-87 cmL C
75C/M92 cm71-75 cm86-87 cmM C
75D/L96 cm71-75 cm88-89 cmL D
75D/M92 cm71-75 cm88-89 cmM D
75E/L96 cm71-75 cm90-91 cmL E
75E/M92 cm71-75 cm90-91 cmM E
75F/L96 cm71-75 cm92-93 cmL F
75F/M92 cm71-75 cm92-93 cmM F
75G/L96 cm71-75 cm94-95 cmL G
75G/M92 cm71-75 cm94-95 cmM G
80C/L96 cm76-80 cm88-89 cmL C
80D/L96 cm76-80 cm90-91 cm
80D/XL100 cm76-80 cm90-91 cmXL D
80E/L96 cm76-80 cm92-93 cmL E
80E/XL100 cm76-80 cm92-93 cm
80F/L96 cm76-80 cm94-95 cmL F
80F/XL100 cm76-80 cm94-95 cmXL F
80G/L96 cm76-80 cm96-97 cmL G
80G/XL100 cm76-80 cm96-97 cmXL G
85D/XL100 cm81-85 cm92-93 cmXL D
85D/XXL104 cm81-85 cm92-93 cmXXL D
85E/XL100 cm81-85 cm94-95 cmXL E
85E/XXL104 cm81-85 cm94-95 cmXXL E
85F/XL100 cm81-85 cm96-97 cmXL F
85F/XXL104 cm81-85 cm96-97 cmXXL F
85G/XL100 cm81-85 cm98-99 cmXL G
85G/XXL104 cm81-85 cm98-99 cmXXL G
90H/3XL108 cm86-90 cm102-103 cmXXXL H
90H/XXL104 cm86-90 cm102-103 cmXXL H

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