Semi-soft Gorteks (132704)

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Semi-soft   Gorteks
A beautiful semi-padded bra perfectly supports breasts. Lingerie is trimmed with a knitted fabric, decorated with a feminine pattern and delicate lace. A white bow placed between the cups, adds chic to the bra. Three-piece cups. The lower part of the cups is made of thin corsetry foam, whereas the upper part is made of lace. The inner part of the cups is covered with cotton. The back part of the bra is made of lace and elastic tulle. It has adjustable, non-removable shoulder straps. Vertical underwire prevents the fabric from gathering.
Soft Bras, Semi-Soft Bras
Cotton 10 %
Spandex 5 %
polyamide 65 %
Polyester 20 %
100D98-102 cm118-120 cm
100E98-102 cm120-122 cm
100F98-102 cm122-124 cm
65C63-67 cm81-83 cm
65D63-67 cm83-85 cm
65E63-67 cm85-87 cm
65F63-67 cm87-89 cm
65G63-67 cm89-91 cm
65H63-67 cm91-93 cm
70B68-72 cm84-86 cm
70C68-72 cm86-88 cm
70D68-72 cm88-90 cm
70E68-72 cm90-92 cm
70F68-72 cm92-94 cm
70G68-72 cm94-96 cm
70H68-72 cm96-98 cm
75B73-77 cm89-91 cm
75C73-77 cm91-93 cm
75D73-77 cm93-95 cm
75E73-77 cm95-97 cm
75F73-77 cm97-99 cm
75G73-77 cm99-101 cm
75H73-77 cm101-103 cm
80B78-82 cm94-96 cm
80C78-82 cm96-98 cm
80D78-82 cm98-100 cm
80E78-82 cm100-102 cm
80F78-82 cm102-104 cm
80G78-82 cm104-106 cm
80H78-82 cm106-108 cm
85B83-87 cm99-101 cm
85C83-87 cm101-103 cm
85D83-87 cm103-105 cm
85E83-87 cm105-107 cm
85F83-87 cm107-109 cm
85G83-87 cm109-111 cm
85H83-87 cm111-113 cm
90B88-92 cm104-106 cm
90C88-92 cm106-108 cm
90D88-92 cm108-110 cm
90E88-92 cm110-112 cm
90F88-92 cm112-114 cm
90G88-92 cm114-116 cm
90H88-92 cm116-118 cm
95B93-97 cm109-111 cm
95C93-97 cm111-113 cm
95D93-97 cm113-115 cm
95E93-97 cm115-117 cm
95F93-97 cm117-119 cm
95G93-97 cm119-121 cm

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