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Women’s underwear


Wholesale underwear

If your customers are looking to invest in their intimate comfort with some great pieces at affordable prices, then the best buy is the bulk buy of wholesale underwear from the house of Matterhorn.

Where else at one place you can get the most indefinite collection of luxury lingerie, you can also have the best pieces for women who are looking for their casual intimate wear.

High quality, delicate, smooth and soft fabrics, neat finish, comfortable fits and breathable underwear, you can find them all in different colours, sizes, patterns for different needs of your customers.

You can avail thousands of designs available all in one place in just a single section of Matterhorn’s wholesale underwear. Since there are no set limits of minimum order quantity and no complete set limits on you, you can buy as custom orders. Where else can you expect this from?

Matterhorn caters to the global market when it comes to wholesale underwear with its pretty, attractive and comfortable collection. Being the reliable and trusted supplier, Matterhorn is looked like one of the best in wholesale underwear besides its erotic lingerie section.

You can rely on quality and diversity on Matterhorn’s collection while paying your core focus on your business needs. Manage your brand hassle-free and stress-free when you do not have to make bulk purchases from multiple places and diverse costs. You can get almost anything your customer may be looking forward to buying from your store at wholesale prices all at one place, Matterhorn! After all, what matters most for your business is your core attention and time that Matterhorn is helping you place at the best place.


Lingerie wholesale vendors

If you are looking forward to exciting your customers with the latest most-wanted styles in the lingerie section, then Matterhorn is the best place to buy the best brands from across the globe.

Matterhorn is proud to stay on the top in selling best picks to lingerie wholesale vendors while staying deep-rooted to its values of quality and service.

Bra, Panty, Nighty, Shorts, Slip, Corset, Lingerie Set, knickers, slips, thongs underwear, hosiery, legwear, stockings, tights, nightwear, sleepwear, erotic lingerie, shapewear bodysuits, swimwear, beachwear and more can be found all just from a single shop.

Lingerie is an essential requisite and its market is never-ending. You can innovate it, make it charismatic, make it enigmatic with a sense of sensuality, comfort and beauty. Matterhorn keeps the ease, comfort and needs of your customers in mind. Hence, it has been able to cater for the most enigmatic market of the world gracefully.

With perfect lingerie, your customers can ooze in style and confidence with the comfort and support they need at their peak. Perfect fitting, excellent shapes, neat finishing, fascinating designs are some of the reviews we get from our lingerie wholesale vendors for our exquisite collection.

Matterhorn’s luxury lingerie collection has changed the way the world looks at intimate fashion. Having these exotic pieces of art and comfort both unbeatable, your business can get to the next level both in fashion and profits. Bulk buying gives you an edge on bulk discounts. Plus, you can buy the same pieces in various colours, patterns and sizes for different body needs of your customers.


Bathing Suits, Beachwear, Swimwear

Your wait for the season’s latest Bathing Suits, Beachwear, Swimwear, bikinis, cover-ups, and tankinis end with our latest collection at Matterhorn. 

Whether you are looking for a perfect fit for a tropical vacation or a sunbath or just want to swim and ride in the waves, we have you covered. Elegant designs, comfortable and fabulous fit, edgy cuts, unique designs, soothing to bright to attractive colours are sure going to elevate your vacation as you tan under the sun or swim in the blues. 

Bathing suits and swimwear styles and trends have evolved from time to time and region to region. And fashion statements are never-ending, indeed they are ever-evolving. We have all styles of classic, trendy, stylish ranges of wholesale swimwear and wholesale bathing suits and beachwear. 

Do not forget to check out our collection of wholesale bikinis. At Matterhorn, we have a plethora of designs and an array of styles to choose from. Be fiery while in water with brilliant-coloured bikinis, all available at wholesale prices. 

Or cheat heat the sun with the fire that burns within you with a confident smile that comes during sun-bathing on a hot beach. 

Or you can mix and match and make your own style from the collection of an extensive collection of separate bikini tops and bottoms. Get a tankini if a bikini is not your cup of tea. Or have your swimwear wardrobe filled with assorted and a variety of bathing suits to choose from.

Love your looks and love yourself in crazy cutouts and get a bit naughty. Or love yourself in peplums and get that confidence that matters.

If you are looking for one-piece suits or two-piece swimwear or want to mix and match, Matterhorn has all the variety that matters when you are by the pool or the seaside. Book a sexy look in a monokini or let the flowers bloom in the water with floral patterns. But do not forget to buy what matters the most at Matterhorn: COMFORT in STYLE.

  • COMFORT: At Matterhorn, comfort is something you can trust us for. We do not compromise with comfort for that is the key to confidence and charisma. 
  • QUALITY: Comfort comes with good quality products. Our collection of wholesale beachwear and swimwear comes from the houses of the best brands. 
  • GLAMOROUS: Matterhorn collection of wholesale bikinis is not just good and comfortable, but also high on the chic meter. 

Sexy Lingerie, Erotic Underwear

Some moments call for naughty you! Then, why hide behind? Unleash your wild and seductive sides for naughty nights and sexy heights. Erotic panties, sexy lingerie, erotic underwear, bras and more that are not only seductive but also sensuous. 

The Matterhorn collection has every kind of piece you may want to save for your special moments. Add an element of sexy surprise with our erotic lingerie collection, all available at wholesale prices. 

Bright and brilliant colours, comfortable and soothing fabrics and added details and embellishments create breath-taking looks. 

Buy for yourself to surprise your partner or gift a piece of surprise and seduction to your loved one. A perfect gift for your special moments. Get in the desired looks for your Golden night or a special moment. Enjoy Valentine’s Day or the wedding night or every hot night or enjoy them every day.

Captivating and erotic panties for sexy bums at wholesale prices. Simple, elaborate, detailed, embroidered, lacy, impressive and feminine, we have all that you may make you look appealing and wanting. 

All our hand-picked collection of sexy and erotic panties comes in soft fabrics which are delicate to touch for your intimate areas. Attractive yet comfortable and pleasant to touch fabrics are used to make you feel comfortable while being hot and sexy. 

Open up the erotic escapades with our collection of erotic lingerie. Get the sexiest lingerie styles at wholesale prices only at Matterhorn because we bring for you the things that matter the most.

Get G-string thongs, hot panties, crotchless thongs, banded thongs, open-the-knot thongs, open crotch defining thongs, strappy thongs, ribbon thongs and breathable panties, all online only at Matterhorn. 

  • Perfect accessories for your intimate areas. Women’s panties are the first things to go on a naked body and then set the tone for the entire look and set the fire for sexual mood. 
  • Feeling comfortable inside is most important and therefore, at Matterhorn, comfortable wear matters the most. You can choose from a variety of fabrics to choose your best requirement. 
  • Sexy panties enhance a woman’s sexual confidence. They are exposed only to yourself or your partner. So, get the best look for yourself. Change the way you feel about yourself for the better. Love yourself first to be able to create moments of love with confidence with our lovely and sexy lingerie collection.