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Elegant women’s clothing Figl, Nife, Sensis – fashion trends for autumn 2020. What will we see in the latest collections?

Pencil office dresses, close-fitting women’s coats and warm pyjamas for the first, autumn chill. Here is a brief overview of the most interesting propositions from the new collections of Polish brands.

Nife’s women’s clothing – soft office in subtle style

Polish brand Nife opens the autumn season with a very interesting collection of soft office clothes. This collection will be appreciated by women looking for fashionable inspirations for office, business and casual style. The attention is especially drawn to three types of clothes – with a dominant pepitka pattern, a floral oriental motif and an elegant Burberry style check. The uniform style outfit may include the following elements: a close-fitting, midi, day dress, an elegant women’s blouse with puffed sleeves and a fashionable bomber jacket.

Unusual elements of the outfit are sports women’s trousers with an elegant pattern – an interesting version breaking the official and casual style, combining a loose cut and original, colourful design. They are an unusual and at the same time aesthetic substitute for traditional sports trousers or leggings.

Nife also offers very interesting models of long, autumn checked ladies’ coats. The proposed models of coats are close-fitting  and double-breasted. Aesthetic, checked pattern fits the fashion trends for the upcoming autumn/winter season. The collection is complemented by autumn “essentials”, i.e. warm women’s jumpers with a classic cut and long oversize cardigans.

Figl – autumn colour palette and classic cut

Equally intriguing is the Figl’s latest autumn collection of women’s clothing. In contrast to the Nife’s collection, Figl focuses on plain colours that emphasise the distinctive, elegant cut. Instead of colourful patterns, the brand focuses on straight, geometric lines, which beautifully emphasise the female body. 

The colours of the collection are based on several basic colours, including bottle green, fuchsia, black and beige. The clothes are elegant and close-fitting, the cut and details are almost minimalistic – but the whole looks like a set with great styling potential.

The new Figl collection includes both fashionable office style ladies’ sets and beautiful casual dresses. Midi dresses in bottle green, fuchsia, black and beige are definitely worth noting. A fashionable alternative is a striking cut of a women’s suit with tapered legs. In addition to universal models of pencil dresses, you will find, among others, comfortable shirt dresses with a belt. Among the beautiful dress models, the long, airy maxi evening dress with open shoulders stands out. The collection is complemented by elegant, autumn ladies’ coats 7/8 long, tied at the waist. .

Sensis – ladies’ pyjamas in a warm, pastel colour

The new Sensis pyjamas collection combines the charming, girly cut of classic pyjamas with a sports, comfortable style. A large, diversified collection of two-piece pyjama sets, short and long pyjama trousers, loose shirts and feminine matching bathrobes. The leading colour palette includes warm pastels – powder pink, lilac, mocha, ashen, light grey and contrasting black. 

Most of the pyjamas are decorated with charming colour prints. Patterns bring to mind the colours and cut of girls’ chic style clothes. Classic women’s pyjamas from Sensis from the new collection are sets designed for sleeping and wearing comfort.

Among various models of women’s pyjamas we can find:

  • sets of pastel pyjamas with long sleeves and long legs – a perfect model for cold autumn nights,
  • comfortable sets of women’s pyjamas with shorts,
  • matching, sports ladies’ pyjamas – the set includes a top on shoulder straps and ladies’ boxers,
  • cozy, ¾-length cotton women’s bathrobes,
  • fashionable, cotton nightdresses.

Most of the clothes from the new collection are made of 100% cotton. Sensis pyjamas are soft, very pleasant to the touch, warm and yet airy. A collection with a variety of pyjamas and nightdresses, which will satisfy the needs of customers who prefer aesthetic, girly and very comfortable clothes.


Seasonal new arrivals in Matterhorn. Review of the most interesting autumn-winter 2020 collections in Polish brands’ offer

The shops are already dominated by new autumn collections – office outfits and fashionable clothes for the transitional season. An initial review of the assortment of Polish brands allows us to indicate a few interesting trends. What to look for and what brands are worth paying attention to?

Autumn 2020 – trends women’s fashion:

  • A return to the classic “autumn” colours. The elegant “office” sets show the dominance of colours such as navy blue, mustard, bottle green and beige. Plum colour is definitely coming back in favour – we will see it on fashionable, close-fitting jackets, warm cardigans and pencil skirts.
  • Long, loose oversize cardigans are the key elements of Polish brands’ autumn collections. The designers definitely focus on comfort of wearing, classic cut and soft fabrics with the addition of wool. An interesting alternative to loose models are short, girlish “bomber” style jumpers.
  • Girlish airy dresses are another element which appears in most autumn collections. There is a trend towards combining classic cuts with modern details. Oversized dresses tied at the waist, long sleeves or kimonos cut dominate. In the coming season, knitted tunics and sporty, loose-fitting dresses in midi and maxi lengths are coming back.
  • In sets for the new season, we will also see colourful tracksuit fabrics – used in close-fitting dresses or loose-fitting tunics and sweatshirts. Comfort is emphasised by a modern but feminine cut. Instead of colourful patterns, the designers focus on uniform colours – from warm pastels to gray, navy blue, dark green, claret, beige and light brown.

Polish brands in the autumn – what will we see in the latest collections?

BeWear – autumn colour palette

Beautiful, intense, autumn colours are the key theme of the new BeWear collection. In the latest models, the classic cut is neatly combined with beautiful colours such as dark green, plum, navy blue and classic black. This collection is dominated by beautiful, feminine day dresses with a simple yet very elegant cut. It is clear that the collection was created with the “office” style in mind – to complement or refresh the wardrobe for the office. Due to the modern cut, the presented models are also suitable for casual styles. 

BeWear dresses and tunics are made of soft, pleasant to the touch fabrics. Wide collars and long sleeves are sure to protect against the cold. The collection’s hit is the close-fitting women’s jumpsuit with a belt – extremely fashionable, perfect with a jacket and high-heel shoes. Beautiful long tunics with a high collar and wide side slit are also very popular. The new BeWear range of products also includes loose-fitting, girlish sports style blouses and knitted tunics with oversize pockets.

Ivon – girlish collection for the transitional season

The autumn new arrivals of the Polish brand Ivon are still inspired by summer trends. The key products of the new collection are girlish, sports dresses and comfortable sets, made of tracksuit fabrics. Fashionable, very comfortable clothes, which will work especially well at the end of the warm season. The brand is definitely focused on comfort. The range of products  includes dresses with long sleeves and frilly skirts in mini and midi lengths. Day dresses are made of soft, cozy fabrics, which will also work well in sets for slightly cooler days – just add a ramones or a bomber style jacket and comfortable boots.

Most of the presented models are fitted at the waist to emphasize the silhouette. Casual style lovers will certainly like loose, modern sports dresses with a hood and long sleeves. The skin-fitting tracksuit sets are also noteworthy, as the trousers with slim-fit legs gracefully emphasize the silhouette. The dominant colours are classic, autumn colours, i.e. dark green, burgundy, khaki and universal black.

Fobya – comfortable knitted jumpers in pastel colours

A collection of soft cardigans and autumn jumpers made of high-quality yarn. As the brand’s designers admit, Fobya clothes are inspired by the ecological handmade trend. A set of interesting patterns, in which – a bit contrary to the autumn season – pleasant, pastel colours dominate. Outfits in heather and caramel look particularly elegant. Fashionable long women’s cardigans and jumpers from the new Chunky Knit collection are a key element of this season. The brand’s offer includes both classic models of oversize jumpers and modern, short ones. 

Fobya cardigans combine elegant form and high comfort of wearing. The use of high-quality Italian yarn ensures that the body stays warm for a long time. The jumpers are soft and pleasant to the touch. The loose cardigans are suitable for both office and casual styles. Short, colourful bomber style jumpers with a thick, accentuated weave are an interesting product of the collection. They look beautiful in combination with jeans and autumn boots.

PeeKaBoo – a classic with an emphasis on comfort

In the new collection of the experienced Polish brand, you can see the emphasis on a cut that ensures comfort of wearing. PeeKaBoo autumn women’s clothes are very classic – cardigans with a collar, close-fitting pencil skirts, day dresses and soft oversize jumpers. The diverse assortment allows you to create elegant but comfortable outfits for the office or for everyday. An interesting feature of the collection is creativity in the use of intense colours. The brand’s designers boldly match typical autumn colours, e.g. fashionable mustard with pastels, white or heather. Jumpers with energizing but warm colours will certainly bring the classic autumn-winter sets to life on cooler days. Most of the available jumpers are made of warm wool.    


Matterhorn wholesaler’s range of products – Polish clothing brands, which everyone should know

Polish clothing manufacturers are doing better and better in the difficult fashion industry. The best-known brands are united by a similar recipe for success: experience, innovation and vigilance to changing fashion trends.

Here is a brief overview of Polish clothing manufacturers with a rich range of products, available, among others, in Matterhorn wholesale store. 

Moe – a combination of classic and avant-garde

A brand with a wide range of products, dominated by designs combining classic, feminine cut with modern details. The collection is distinguished by the diversity and complexity of the offer. The brand’s designers put an emphasis on a neat combination of recognised, classic cuts with inspirations coming straight from the fashion catwalks. This is how airy dresses, tunics, matching sets of blouses and skirts, jumpers and modern jackets are created. Moe is not afraid of fashion novelties and is keen to use recurring trends such as oversize cardigans, skin-tight 70s-style overalls or the girly hit of the 90s – comfortable, fashionable skirts and trousers. All products are made of high-quality materials.

Distinguishing characteristics of Moe style:

  • Feminine cut – skin-tight clothes that gracefully emphasize the silhouette, 
  • Richness and diversity of the offer – the possibility of creating a complete casual or office wardrobe,
  • Modern fashion classics,
  • Emphasis on fashionable details – bold bindings, lace, asymmetrical cut,
  • Adjustment to the latest fashion trends

Numoco – an experienced trend hunter

The Polish brand from Racibórz is perfectly capable of keeping up with the changing fashion trends. Many years of experience resulted in a rich offer, which is dominated by beautiful models of dresses – formal, evening and casual. The attention is drawn by rich and bold use of colours, different types of fabrics and emphasis on the visual effect. Numoco dresses are very impressive, feminine, and look beautiful on the silhouette. Numoco manoeuvres the cuts and colours easily to achieve styles that are memorable. The diverse range of products also includes modern shirts, blouses, tunics, skirts and jumpsuits.

Numoco characteristics:

  • Sensual, glamorous style,
  • A wide range of formal and evening clothes for the “night out”,
  • Emphasis on achieving original visual effects,
  • Emphasis on the qualities of a woman’s silhouette,
  • High quality fabrics,
  • Courage in choosing colours, cuts and accessories.

Figl – a comfort that is addictive

Another, dynamically operating, Polish brand present on the market since 2008. A company that effectively proves that what is beautiful should be comfortable in the first place. The rich offer of Figl is a diverse range of products including dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers and jackets in many cuts and colours. Among the characteristic features of the designs, it is worth mentioning the emphasis on comfort of wearing, skin-tight clothes and using high-quality materials. Figl clothes are very comfortable to wear. The brand’s range of products includes an extensive category of fashionable sets for work – from skin-tight pencil skirts, through girly blouses with fashionable bindings to fashionable variations of ramones. The range of casual clothes is a neat combination of classic cuts and feminine details.

Fashionable comfort of the Figl offer:

  • Comfortable cuts and fashionable trends,
  • A wide range of formal outfits,
  • Casual clothes made of high-quality materials,
  • Practical accessories – comfortable clasps, drapings, pockets, 
  • Carefully selected colours with a predominance of warm and pastel colours.

Marko – fancy sensuality 

Marko is another experienced clothing manufacturer, specialising in collections of luxury swimsuits and beachwear. It has more than 19 years of experience and creates newer and newer sets, which are popular among women of all ages. The brand’s range of products includes a wide range of one-piece, two-piece and three-piece swimwear, airy tunics and female accessories such as pareos and beach skirts. The brand’s designers focus on creative play with colours and cuts, using inspiration from fashion catwalks. Marko swimsuits are extremely feminine – they emphasize the silhouette but also make it easier to hide possible imperfections of the body. The wide offer allows you to choose the perfect swimsuit for every type of body and in every size – from XS to the category plus size.

Bold beach creations in Marko style:

  • Sensual, created for various, feminine silhouettes,
  • Neatly combining classic swimsuit models with new trends,
  • A wide range of colours, patterns and prints – from pastel to heavily saturated,
  • Cuts for full comfort of swimming and summer beach sports,
  • An interesting offer of airy beach tunics,
  • A wide range of accessories – pareos, beach skirts and shorts.

Gortex – international reputation

A brand from Białystok with exceptionally rich experience, which resulted in the creation of the first private corsetry company in Poland in the 1990s. The founders of the company used their knowledge on building sewing facilities to effectively develop the distribution network. Currently, Gorteks is one of the largest Polish exporters of lingerie to the furthest corners of the world – from Canada to French Guiana. The brand’s dynamic operation is supported by an extensive machine park.

Gorteks lingerie has a wide offer of various types of bras, corsets, panties, shirts, tights and accessories. Its range of products includes all types of lingerie cuts – from classic, through retro to minimalist and modern. In its designs, you can see creativity in the selection of materials – the desire to play with colour, texture, type of fabric and accessories.

Lingerie in Gorteks style:

  • Comprehensiveness of the offer – full table of sizes including plus size category,
  • Adjustment of lingerie to different types of silhouettes,
  • Beautiful models of classic cuts – corsets, nightdresses, lacy sets,
  • Wide range of colours, textures and cuts,
  • An interesting offer of tulle and lace lingerie,
  • High quality materials.

The products of each of the above mentioned brands can be found on our website. Matterhorn regularly updates its offer, complementing the bestseller categories with the latest collections of domestic designers.


Fashionable Women’s Footwear for Autumn 2020 – Farewell to Summer and a Review of New Trends

What fashion trends can we expect in the women’s footwear category for the autumn?

The summer shoe shopping season is bid farewell to the memory of comfortable espadrilles, cute flip-flops with bows and neon girly sandals.The new autumn collections are already visible in the shop windows. 

If you believe in the forecasts of fashion trendsetters – in the autumn, we are looking forward to the return of renewed classics and products inspired by 1990s:

  • Suede lovers will be delighted by the returning fashion for comfortable boots on a pole. Sweet suede will also reign in the collections of graceful, women’s moccasins.
  • The trend for the popularity of practical lace-up ankle boots is expected to continue – models on a thick sole and post heels in the 70s style will be extremely fashionable.
  • In the “women’s sneakers” category, the thick soles and bold neon colours, like in the 1990s, will rule.
  • Collections for the late autumn season will be restored with thigh high boots.
  • We will also see renewed classics in the “glamour rock” version, among others, chelsea boots decorated with zircons, chains and bows.

Back to work rhythm

Suede elegance – ladies’ loafers

Loafers are universal shoes that can be successfully used at the end of the summer season and in the first autumn months. They are very comfortable shoes for work and they look good in combination with both jeans and material trousers. In the coming season, we will see a large selection of suede models. Beige loafers with a stripe for lovers of simple elegance, a version with a string bow for girly style fans. As far as the colour palette is concerned, spring pastels will be replaced with mustard, subdued navy blue or bold red.

Chelsea boots – number 1 on the list of autumn footwear styles

The new collections will not lack the classics of women’s autumn footwear, i.e. aesthetic chelsea boots. An obvious choice for women who prefer fitted shoes, in formal style, but still very comfortable. Recommended to wear with trousers, long or short skirts. Ideal footwear for first, autumn weather. In the new series, you will find both simple, elegant models as well as bold chelsea boots on the platform, with the addition of shiny decorations such as zircons, studs and chains. In the context of the choice of materials, we can see a progressive trend towards the replacement of genuine leather with ecological leather.

Autumn boots in three variations

They are loved for the combination of elegance and the ability to use them in any type of outfit. A brief overview of the new features ensures the return of the classic suede boots and at the same time surprises with the new features. The cut, chic and colour scheme of the open toe boots are definitely a memorable experience. The key element? Crazy, fashionable, bold platform type sole. An equally interesting model is an extravagant cut of boots with a sock upper – a clever reference to the controversial trend, strongly visible also in the summer season.

Women’s lace-up ankle boots: solid practicality 

Lace-up ankle boots are an absolute hit of recent seasons. They definitely could not be missing from the forecasts for the latest collections. Eco-friendly leather, comfortable lacing, a solid sole and a bold, slightly angular style – these are the main marks of the footwear we will see in autumn sets. The new addition are unusual ornaments, so far reserved for more delicate models – that is, among others, shiny zircons.

The neon charm of the 1990s.

The aesthetics of the 90’s still remain on top. It couldn’t be missing either in the category “women’s sports shoes”. In autumn we will see new models of sneakers – with a wide sole, colourful inserts and neon colours. This collection will be flashy, with a large dose of sports extravagance, but still very comfortable. Women’s slip-on sports shoes will be an interesting alternative. Soft, fitted and comfortable to wear thanks to the use of airy fabric, among others. An additional advantage is the pleasing to the eye, pastel colours – something for fans of minimalist elegance in the fitness style. Colourful trainers will also be an Important element of the autumn collections. 

For the autumn foul weather

Ladies’ high boots and thigh high boots in the max version

The long, tightly fitting boots made a great comeback in the last autumn season. There is no indication that the “military trend” is about to disappear. On the contrary, big fashion houses are still inspired by the classic form of thigh high boots. The new autumn and winter collections will once again feature elegant female knee-boots and colourful suede high boots. The trademark of the most fashionable types of shoes? Very long leg, unrolled uppers and high heel on a pin or a post. There will also be classic, bold designs such as snake leather boots. Most winter models will be available with artificial fur padding.

Finally, a slightly forgotten type of footwear for bad weather, a fashionable alternative to traditional wellingtons. Instead of the classic models, the designers propose, among other things, stylish shoes with a cut of ankle boots, covered with ecological suede.

On the basis of a short review, we can draw a simple conclusion – women’s shoes for the autumn/winter season 2020/2021 will combine the valued classics with fashion inspirations from the 70s and 90s. There will also be unusual decorations and bold colours.


Spring/Summer 2020 Trends – new products from Nife, Colett, Style and Marko

We consider the spring season to be open and present you the most interesting propositions from the newest collections of women’s soft office clothes.

Soft office – we break the strict dress code

The overview of the Spring 2020 collections of Polish brands brings one conclusion – the designers decide to break the office dress code, in favour of female cuts and warm, pastel colours. A classic white shirt is replaced by lighter, looser blouses, often decorated with pretty details.

Moreover, blouses with a neckline decorated with an elegant bow, are still very fashionable. Colour scheme: clothes decorated with geometric prints – polka dot, zigzags and grid, stand out from the clothes in a classic, uniform set of colours (white, grey, navy blue, beige).

  • This season, we will see again classic, long dresses, buttoned up or tied at the waist.
  • We can also put on a buttoned pencil skirt to an office – a model, however, necessarily needs to be high-waisted.
  • The retro fashion for short, puffed sleeves is back – an interesting element, which breaks the traditional women’s “uniform”.
  • Another recurring trend is elegant women’s jumpsuit. In recent seasons, jumpsuits were visible in labeled casual collections. Now, they are also recommended to an office – as an interesting alternative to simple suit trousers.

Spring 2020 fashion trends – what do Polish brands offer?

Nife – modern cut, feminine details

Nife is a brand, which specializes in modern collections of feminine office fashion. Let’s see which of the proposed trends have a chance to become the best-selling products in the Spring/Summer 2020 season.

The Polish brand Nife has been on the market since 2005. It is distinguished by a very good sense of soft office style. In its latest, spring collection, many propositions of tailored office outfits may be found – minimalist in cut, very feminine and emphasizing the waist. This season, the brand focuses, among others, on elegant pencil skirts and long oversize jackets. Is it a trend which will stay with us for a longer period of time? What is more, feminine blouses with puffed sleeves and decorative tapes at the neckline are also very fashionable this season. Noteworthy are also elegant models of women’s suits. They are a bold alternative to the classic office dress code.

Colett – elegant femininity

This season, Colett offers geometric patterns, feminine long-sleeve dresses and elegant, matching cigarillos. This young Polish brand specialises in collections of business style clothes. Among Colett’s spring proposals, we may find a wide selection of classic trousers – an essential element of a woman’s wardrobe. Fans of casual fashion will like the offer of comfortable, long dresses with buttons. Trend for the brave ones – a fashionable “dungarees” jumpsuit.

Style – aesthetic, pastel minimalism

The latest, spring collection of Style is an ideal proposition for women who appreciate beautiful, minimalist cut and high-quality materials. Worth mentioning are dresses with a modern jacket cut, fastened with a decorative button – a model that will prove to be an elegant office outfit. Interesting models of long, material trousers (bell-bottoms) can also be found in Style’s offer. It is worth to combine them with an elegant chiffon blouse with long, wide sleeves. A pastel cardigan will be a perfect complement to the spring office outfit.

Marko -sex appeal and comfort

In the spring season we also start looking at the most interesting models of swimsuits. Our latest offer is presented by Marko – a Polish clothing company, which has been on the market for 19 years. The brand specializes in the production of modern swimsuits. The expected trends for the Summer 2020 include, among others, sensual models of one-piece swimsuits of the monokini type with cut-out sides and matching bardotka bandeau style bikinis. An airy tunic, a sports shirt or a transparent pareo will be the perfect complements to the beach look.

Graphic materials

We encourage our business partners to download graphic materials with presentations of the latest, spring collections of selected brands.