Shoes for summer – in the wake of fashion trends 2021

We start the summer season “with a bang” – browsing through collections, in which interesting models of women’s shoes appeared. Where will we find fashionable new arrivals? Whose collections will bring back well-known and popular shoe models?

Before the season starts, it’s worth doing a quick review of fashion trends. We already know that the ‘old new’ models have returned to the catwalks, including cowboy boots and flip flops with thick soles. Among the standard flip-flop designs, furry flip-flops models are still very popular. Thick soles in a sporty style are definitely in vogue this season, e.g. in rubber flip-flops and girlish sneakers. Those who prefer classic, delicate women’s sandals will be happy because of the return of the fashion for shoes with thin straps and ties. Fans of elegant classics, on the other hand, should complete their wardrobe with high-heels shoes.

Flip-flops – tailored beach comfort

A footwear model that will definitely be very fashionable in the coming months. What are the characteristics of fashionable women’s flip-flops for the 2021 season?

  • Flip-flops on a flat sole – a feature that is not entirely obvious, but is evident in the new models. Fashionable flip-flops provide solid support for the foot – in the new collections we will see slightly profiled footwear with a comfortable sole.
  • Flip-flops with a pompom – the trend for elegant, boudoir-style slippers is still on! Fans of shoes with fancy decorations – also fashionable in previous seasons – can complete their collection with new models with fluffy decorations.
  • Flip-flops with chains – chains are another very popular trend that will be seen in the details of flip-flops. 
  • Thick sole flip-flops – the raised sole is a recurring trend from the 90s.Thick soles will also be seen in espadrilles.

Sandals in mini and maxi version

Two trends can be seen in the models of the latest sandals – minimalist and referring to the style of the 90s. 

The first version includes subtle, feminine sandals, made of thin straps, with minimal decorations. The ‘sporty’ style sandals are an interesting alternative, on a raised sole – a trend seen in virtually all categories of summer footwear. What to choose?

  • Suede sandals on a flat sole – a girly model of footwear in nude colour, with a universal fastening around the ankle. A subtle shoe which matches most summer outfits. An alternative colour version, black and silver, looks equally interesting.
  • Chunky sole sandals are another wildly fashionable type of footwear- a trend that should continue for a few more seasons. This particular model is distinguished by an interesting, navy blue and metallic colour scheme.
  • If you trust fashion experts, sporty sandals in fluorescent colours – another trend from the 90s – are sure to be in vogue. Neon sports sandals can be worn with sporty outfits.

Chunky heels instead of stilettos?

Even the most fashionable versions of stilettos should be replaced with solid, aesthetic chunky heels this season. They are ideal for work and romantic outfits. Two models that will for sure appear in summer collections are:

  • Openwork heeled boots – a summer classic, comfortable and at the same time insanely fashionable, beautifully emphasizing the shape of the legs. A perfect choice for summer dresses or skirts. Practical advantage? Zip fastening.
  • Elegant sandals with a chunky heel – a very popular model, loved especially for its comfort of use. A stable heel combined with a practical clasp ensures full comfort. An additional advantage is a very fashionable, honey colour.

Espadrilles – universal comfort

The comfort of espadrilles is incomparable to anything else. In previous years, classic espadrilles prevailed, but this season we will see models with a few ‘improvements’:

  • Open toe espadrilles with an open heel seem to be the perfect solution for hot weather. The solid sole, finished with a linen string, provides stable support. Organic suede in pink looks aesthetically pleasing and will definitely look well with your summer outfits.
  • Fashionable espadrilles on platforms are an interesting alternative. This model combines a beautiful, intense colour with an elegant, timeless shape. These striking espadrilles are both fashionable and comfortable – perfect for casual summer outfits.

Alternatives for the brave ones

Finally, a brief summary of interesting ‘alternative’ summer footwear models. As we know, one of the key trends for the coming summer season are classic cowboy boots. Among the fashion new arrivals, we will also see unusual combinations of styles and shapes, such as cowboy-style flip-flops. 

Fashion extravagance will also be present in the latest models of flip-flops, decorated with chains, pearls and pom-poms. Neon is always a bold choice – here in the version of cute summer flip-flops.

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