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Home wear

The perfect place to find resilience with yourself and within yourself is the HOME. Feel homely, feel loved, feel comfy in our classic range of women’s home wear. Women’s home wear wardrobe is the collection of most comfortable clothes. 

Showcase your fashion choices either at home or when you show off in your Work from the home domain. The show begins in and at home and end with splendid nights at home. 

Our women’s home wear collection has the most unique and broad range to choose from a variety of sweatshirts, sets, trousers, bottoms, shorts, shirts, skirts, tracksuits, sleep tops, nightwear sets and more.

Whether you are looking for home wear for summers or winters or spring or autumn, we have products to meet your needs from refreshing, sweat controlling breathable summer wear to comfortable, cozy and warm winter wear. 

The combo sets are simply the must-haves and we have them for all kinds of seasons. You can choose from a wide range of designs, colours, patterns, shapes, sizes and styles. You can also buy the assorted ones to add a statement to your home wear.

After all, it’s not just the nightwear. It’s your homey time! From soft and comfortable shorts and trousers to enveloping sweatshirts, we have a lot for your home wear needs. Explore your passion and place orders from your comfort zone right from your couch. 

Home wear is never too much and there is always room for more! Explore the wide range of products from our unique collection. Soft, comfortable, cute, elegant and lovely! 

  • COMFORT: High-quality fabrics used for crafting women’s home wear makes products in our collection not only durable but also very comfortable. Comfortable fabrics in trendy styles.
  • STYLE: Home wear does not mean that you cannot showcase the chic in you. When you browse our collection at Matterhorn, you’ll learn how you can feel comfy in your comfort zone while enjoying the chic in you. You can always change your lounge style. Try new looks for your everyday living. 
  • REFLECT YOUR IDENTITY: What you choose to wear shows who you are! Simply, the home wear you choose reflects your tastes and choices and of course your personality. 

Plus Size Fashion

If you belong to a plus-size body, then what matters the most is ‘Accept yourself, Love yourself and become a body-positive.’ For us at Matterhorn, fashion for all matters a lot and hence, we have hand-picked this special collection of wholesale plus size clothing. 

We have put together and spread a full array to fulfil all your needs for plus size wholesale clothing. 

Be happy from within and stylish from outside. Don’t take it to heart if you don’t fit in categories ‘S’ to ‘L’. At Matterhorn, we have a unique collection to choose from for your size fashion. And we are sure you’ll find something to fall in love with at first sight. Just have a look and browse our entire wholesale plus size clothing section. 

There is no need for tailoring or wearing something drab. You’ll find success with your style with confidence and comfort from within and outside. When you look good, you feel good and this good comes from deep-seated confidence.

Our exclusive and specially chosen plus size wholesale clothing has all that you may need to gain this confidence. So, here are the real tricky tips especially from the house of Matterhorn….Happy customers at the end of the day are what matters for us! 

Covering comfortable, affordable and classic fashion, we create happy faces. So, here are a few tips that may help you in making the right and the perfect choice. Have a look. 

  • Bold is beautiful and beauty is within you: Our exclusive collection of Plus size wholesale clothing is chosen in beautiful and bold colours. Solid colour work wonders in streamlining plus sizes. If you love prints or want to get dressed in one, then go for a soft fabric with a central bold pattern. You’re sure to bloom in style. 
  • VARIETY: Plus size can come to any woman at any time in her life. But you cannot afford to lose your confidence. Whether you are looking for cocktail dresses or office wear or swimwear or lingerie or nightshirts or jumpsuits or jumpers or jackets or anything you want, Matterhorn has them all in one section for your size. Check out!
  • Vertical stripes and designs: For plus size clothing, check out vertical patterns. They are bound to create an illusion of a longer torso and legs. 

Stick no longer to loose clothes if you are looking for Plus Size clothing. At Matterhorn, we have secretively and confidently covered all that matters in Plus size fashion.