ETERIA – new Last Past Now collection

Ethereal, girly, consistent with the latest fashion trends – we want to present the new womenswear collection.

Last Past Now – key features

The new Eteria collection was designed to create casual and office sets. The whole collection includes spring and summer blouses in a romantic style, colourful tops with thin straps, colourful jackets, midi day dresses and short skirts in a sporty style. The brand also offers tailored waistcoats.

Something new, something borrowed

The original name obliges – the Last Past Now collection draws heavily on vintage trends. Long, colourful women’s shirts are reminiscent of the wildly fashionable blouses of the 1990s, while the sleeveless tops are reminiscent of the sensual ‘lingerie’ fashion from the turn of the millennium. The brand’s designers have also ensured that the collection includes details referring to current trends. This certainly includes the return of frills, botanical motifs, puffed sleeves and transparency. 

Garden of Eden

Botanical and floral motifs are the most popular patterns. Large, colourful floral patterns and multicoloured palm leaves are featured on elegant blouses with frills. In addition to trendy patterns, there are also tried-and-tested classics such as leopard print, spots and large peas. Pastel colours are combined with intense colours: green, black, yellow and red. The collection gives the impression of a light, spring collection, tailored to the needs of young women who like to combine classics with vintage style and a touch of romance.

Women’s spring patterned sweatshirts

A significant part of the collection are interesting models of women’s sweatshirts. It is worth paying attention to their diversity. Fans of this garment can quickly complete an outfit for the office or an elegant outfit. Colourful, floral blouses are perfect for everyday outfits – combined with jeans and high-heeled pumps. Long, unbuttoned blouses and models with aesthetic frills are ideal as work outfits. Fans of relaxed summer style can choose light blouses with double decorative frills. A sensual sleeveless top with a lace neckline is another summer option.

Modern romantic style: frills and lace

Large, decorative frills and lace are key details that make the collection stand out at first glance. The frills are used in the lightweight blouse models and in the skirts. Large, double frills on the neckline give an interesting visual effect and completely change the style of a standard, girlish blouse. Lace is used in the design of lightweight sleeveless tops – the available models give a feminine and sensual impression.

Jackets and waistcoat make a big comeback

Single-coloured and patterned women’s jackets are an interesting addition to the wide range of blouses. They are a light alternative to coats and cardigans. Black and pastel jackets will look good with formal outfits, models with patterned print – with casual or office outfits. The Last Past Now collection also includes short waistcoats, fastened with large buttons. This fashionable accessory is combined with a sleeveless, fitted turtleneck – an interesting, original set for vintage style fans.

Girlish and sporty

There are also sporty elements in the collection. Lovers of loose, modern sets can easily complete a light spring or summer casual outfit. A short sleeveless top will look well with a midi skirt with elastic waistband or a short skirt with decorative frills. Alternatively, wear a slightly flared midi dress with a bomber jacket and sneakers.  

Who should we recommend the ETERIA Last Past Now collection to?

The collection perfectly fits the latest fashion trends. Last Past Now clothes will appeal to women who appreciate classic fashion with a touch of romance. The colourful blouses can be styled any way you like. The collection is versatile enough to create complete outfits – from tops to jackets – and to suit all tastes.

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