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Women out there, you have every right to look beautiful, graceful and elegant at all times. With our range of wholesale women’s dresses at Matterhorn, we have you covered with a splendid range of day dresses, evening dresses, gowns, party dresses, home wear dresses, casual wear, sportswear and much more for you to explore.

Our collection has put together pieces from a wide range of brands for you to always look the best. So, check out the one that you need to flaunt in. Flaunt yourself with fabulous looks every day and at different times of the same day. 

Our hand-picked trending collection has a comprehensive range of dresses, jumpsuits, jumpers, cardigans, shirts, blouses and tops and matching skirts to drape. Refresh your wardrobe with our latest seasonal collection of women’s dresses available exclusive at Matterhorn.

We understand your keenness to look great at all times. So, we have something for every beauty and every occasion. When moments turn to occasions, and when there is a change in seasons, Matterhorn’s collection is full of subtle solutions for your dressing needs.

Whether you are relaxing at home or heading for work or getting ready for the most-awaited date or settling yourself to be the eye-catcher at the party, we have all that you might need to pair up your looks. With a huge collection, we have the best selection of sizes and colours.

Capture attention while being resonant and pick the ones that complement your looks and gain you amazing compliments.

  • VARIETY: Matterhorn’s collection of wholesale women’s dresses is the most comprehensive available online. We have a fabulous range of lifestyle shopping collections for women’s apparel for different times, seasons and occasions.
  • QUALITY: The collections are selectively chosen to meet the requirements of quality, durability and affordability. What you see at our site, you get delivered the same. With our luxurious collection, nourish your online shopping experience.
  • COMFORT: We understand yours needs to dress with comfort and in style. Our high-quality women’s dresses are all handpicked keeping comfort as the priority. Confidence waivers when a woman is struggling to be comfortable in what she has worn. And we want you to always stand with a confident smile as you grab attraction of multiple eyes.


Getting oneself actively engaged in sports is one of the best ways to have a healthy lifestyle. A sportswoman will always be indulged in at least some kind of physical activity that will keep her fit and in good health.

Whatever be your choice of sport from deep yoga exercise to intensive cardiac workouts to running or training, get ready to work up the sweat in our wide range of women’s sportswear.

Chase your goals in comfortable, functional and supporting women’s Sportswear from the house of Matterhorn. Fitness clothing for your fitness needs. 

At Matterhorn, we have a good deal of Women’s sports clothing. Whether you are indulging in outdoor sports or indoor gym and yoga or intense workouts, we have a whole range of wholesale women’s sportswear. And if swimming is your sport, then check out our active swimwear and beachwear collection. 

Whether you are playing for leisure or you are a full-time athlete, we have all qualities of women’s sportswear and that too for all seasons. Seasons come and go but the show must go on. And Matterhorn has you covered with any kind of sportswear you may be looking forward to buying. 

Explore Matterhorn’s comprehensive range of Tights, T-shirts, track pants, cycling shorts, supportive sports bras, tracksuit sets, tops, jackets, sweatshirts, capris, socks, skirts, tops, joggers, tank tops and more. 

  • FUNCTIONAL: Sportswear as the name itself suggests should be functional. It has to cover the needs of your body when you work out. Besides being comfortable, women’s sportswear also needs to be supportive. At Matterhorn, we have a diverse range of women’s activewear that can suit their different needs of different activities and sports. 
  • STYLE: If you believe that no conflation exists between fashion and function, probably you need to check out the trendy styles from esteemed brands only at Matterhorn and that too at wholesale prices. 
  • COMFORT: “Use what you’ve been through as fuel, believe yourself and be unstoppable!” and do this in comfortable sportswear. Save your energy, save your fuel for the workout. And spend no energy on getting comfortable because our selected range of women’s sportswear come in high-quality fabrics that are soft to touch, breathable and supporting that can give you the most needed comfort. 

Home wear

The perfect place to find resilience with yourself and within yourself is the HOME. Feel homely, feel loved, feel comfy in our classic range of women’s home wear. Women’s home wear wardrobe is the collection of most comfortable clothes. 

Showcase your fashion choices either at home or when you show off in your Work from the home domain. The show begins in and at home and end with splendid nights at home. 

Our women’s home wear collection has the most unique and broad range to choose from a variety of sweatshirts, sets, trousers, bottoms, shorts, shirts, skirts, tracksuits, sleep tops, nightwear sets and more.

Whether you are looking for home wear for summers or winters or spring or autumn, we have products to meet your needs from refreshing, sweat controlling breathable summer wear to comfortable, cozy and warm winter wear. 

The combo sets are simply the must-haves and we have them for all kinds of seasons. You can choose from a wide range of designs, colours, patterns, shapes, sizes and styles. You can also buy the assorted ones to add a statement to your home wear.

After all, it’s not just the nightwear. It’s your homey time! From soft and comfortable shorts and trousers to enveloping sweatshirts, we have a lot for your home wear needs. Explore your passion and place orders from your comfort zone right from your couch. 

Home wear is never too much and there is always room for more! Explore the wide range of products from our unique collection. Soft, comfortable, cute, elegant and lovely! 

  • COMFORT: High-quality fabrics used for crafting women’s home wear makes products in our collection not only durable but also very comfortable. Comfortable fabrics in trendy styles.
  • STYLE: Home wear does not mean that you cannot showcase the chic in you. When you browse our collection at Matterhorn, you’ll learn how you can feel comfy in your comfort zone while enjoying the chic in you. You can always change your lounge style. Try new looks for your everyday living. 
  • REFLECT YOUR IDENTITY: What you choose to wear shows who you are! Simply, the home wear you choose reflects your tastes and choices and of course your personality. 

Plus Size Fashion

If you belong to a plus-size body, then what matters the most is ‘Accept yourself, Love yourself and become a body-positive.’ For us at Matterhorn, fashion for all matters a lot and hence, we have hand-picked this special collection of wholesale plus size clothing. 

We have put together and spread a full array to fulfil all your needs for plus size wholesale clothing. 

Be happy from within and stylish from outside. Don’t take it to heart if you don’t fit in categories ‘S’ to ‘L’. At Matterhorn, we have a unique collection to choose from for your size fashion. And we are sure you’ll find something to fall in love with at first sight. Just have a look and browse our entire wholesale plus size clothing section. 

There is no need for tailoring or wearing something drab. You’ll find success with your style with confidence and comfort from within and outside. When you look good, you feel good and this good comes from deep-seated confidence.

Our exclusive and specially chosen plus size wholesale clothing has all that you may need to gain this confidence. So, here are the real tricky tips especially from the house of Matterhorn….Happy customers at the end of the day are what matters for us! 

Covering comfortable, affordable and classic fashion, we create happy faces. So, here are a few tips that may help you in making the right and the perfect choice. Have a look. 

  • Bold is beautiful and beauty is within you: Our exclusive collection of Plus size wholesale clothing is chosen in beautiful and bold colours. Solid colour work wonders in streamlining plus sizes. If you love prints or want to get dressed in one, then go for a soft fabric with a central bold pattern. You’re sure to bloom in style. 
  • VARIETY: Plus size can come to any woman at any time in her life. But you cannot afford to lose your confidence. Whether you are looking for cocktail dresses or office wear or swimwear or lingerie or nightshirts or jumpsuits or jumpers or jackets or anything you want, Matterhorn has them all in one section for your size. Check out!
  • Vertical stripes and designs: For plus size clothing, check out vertical patterns. They are bound to create an illusion of a longer torso and legs. 

Stick no longer to loose clothes if you are looking for Plus Size clothing. At Matterhorn, we have secretively and confidently covered all that matters in Plus size fashion.


Bathing Suits, Beachwear, Swimwear

Your wait for the season’s latest Bathing Suits, Beachwear, Swimwear, bikinis, cover-ups, and tankinis end with our latest collection at Matterhorn. 

Whether you are looking for a perfect fit for a tropical vacation or a sunbath or just want to swim and ride in the waves, we have you covered. Elegant designs, comfortable and fabulous fit, edgy cuts, unique designs, soothing to bright to attractive colours are sure going to elevate your vacation as you tan under the sun or swim in the blues. 

Bathing suits and swimwear styles and trends have evolved from time to time and region to region. And fashion statements are never-ending, indeed they are ever-evolving. We have all styles of classic, trendy, stylish ranges of wholesale swimwear and wholesale bathing suits and beachwear. 

Do not forget to check out our collection of wholesale bikinis. At Matterhorn, we have a plethora of designs and an array of styles to choose from. Be fiery while in water with brilliant-coloured bikinis, all available at wholesale prices. 

Or cheat heat the sun with the fire that burns within you with a confident smile that comes during sun-bathing on a hot beach. 

Or you can mix and match and make your own style from the collection of an extensive collection of separate bikini tops and bottoms. Get a tankini if a bikini is not your cup of tea. Or have your swimwear wardrobe filled with assorted and a variety of bathing suits to choose from.

Love your looks and love yourself in crazy cutouts and get a bit naughty. Or love yourself in peplums and get that confidence that matters.

If you are looking for one-piece suits or two-piece swimwear or want to mix and match, Matterhorn has all the variety that matters when you are by the pool or the seaside. Book a sexy look in a monokini or let the flowers bloom in the water with floral patterns. But do not forget to buy what matters the most at Matterhorn: COMFORT in STYLE.

  • COMFORT: At Matterhorn, comfort is something you can trust us for. We do not compromise with comfort for that is the key to confidence and charisma. 
  • QUALITY: Comfort comes with good quality products. Our collection of wholesale beachwear and swimwear comes from the houses of the best brands. 
  • GLAMOROUS: Matterhorn collection of wholesale bikinis is not just good and comfortable, but also high on the chic meter. 

Sexy Lingerie, Erotic Underwear

Some moments call for naughty you! Then, why hide behind? Unleash your wild and seductive sides for naughty nights and sexy heights. Erotic panties, sexy lingerie, erotic underwear, bras and more that are not only seductive but also sensuous. 

The Matterhorn collection has every kind of piece you may want to save for your special moments. Add an element of sexy surprise with our erotic lingerie collection, all available at wholesale prices. 

Bright and brilliant colours, comfortable and soothing fabrics and added details and embellishments create breath-taking looks. 

Buy for yourself to surprise your partner or gift a piece of surprise and seduction to your loved one. A perfect gift for your special moments. Get in the desired looks for your Golden night or a special moment. Enjoy Valentine’s Day or the wedding night or every hot night or enjoy them every day.

Captivating and erotic panties for sexy bums at wholesale prices. Simple, elaborate, detailed, embroidered, lacy, impressive and feminine, we have all that you may make you look appealing and wanting. 

All our hand-picked collection of sexy and erotic panties comes in soft fabrics which are delicate to touch for your intimate areas. Attractive yet comfortable and pleasant to touch fabrics are used to make you feel comfortable while being hot and sexy. 

Open up the erotic escapades with our collection of erotic lingerie. Get the sexiest lingerie styles at wholesale prices only at Matterhorn because we bring for you the things that matter the most.

Get G-string thongs, hot panties, crotchless thongs, banded thongs, open-the-knot thongs, open crotch defining thongs, strappy thongs, ribbon thongs and breathable panties, all online only at Matterhorn. 

  • Perfect accessories for your intimate areas. Women’s panties are the first things to go on a naked body and then set the tone for the entire look and set the fire for sexual mood. 
  • Feeling comfortable inside is most important and therefore, at Matterhorn, comfortable wear matters the most. You can choose from a variety of fabrics to choose your best requirement. 
  • Sexy panties enhance a woman’s sexual confidence. They are exposed only to yourself or your partner. So, get the best look for yourself. Change the way you feel about yourself for the better. Love yourself first to be able to create moments of love with confidence with our lovely and sexy lingerie collection. 

Women’s Footwear

Step out in comfort, confidence & charisma with women’s shoes that matter from the house of Matterhorn.

Your hunt for the best collection of wholesale women’s shoes ends at Matterhorn – One stop solution for all kinds of women’s shoes at wholesale prices. Women love changing shoes with their moods. Our collection is very unique from other shoe wholesale vendors with the broadest collection.

Whether you are looking for perfect matches with elegant dresses or contrasting pairs for unique and elegant looks, our selected collection has all considerations. We are sure you may not want to miss this unique collection that has sandals, shoes, slippers, athletic shoes, ballet flats, sports shoes, heels (high, mid, low, pencil), platforms, sneakers, strap-on, boots, pumps, flip-flops, mocassins and more. 

The assortment consists of causal shoes to sports shoes to fashionable shoes. So, you can browse across the diverse collection and you will surely find a perfect fit for all kinds of occasions. From routine wear to office wear to sportswear to party wear, we consider the needs of all women and at all times. Similarly, the need to change the shoes with changing seasons are thoughtfully added regularly. 

Matterhorn regularly levels up its collection of women’s shoes with esteemed brands from across the world. You can browse the collection from different women’s shoe importers and choose what matters the most.

USPs of our collection of wholesale women’s shoes include:

  • COMFORT: Comfort is the most important thing while making any wearable collection. The same is true for shoes. Our collection keeps comfort as the priority. Comfort is the key to choosing the right footwear.
  • THE MAKE: Our collection comes from a variety of branded houses. The essence of our collection can be felt with the brands of our selection. From fabric to every single stitch, our collection comprises durable shoes that come to you at wholesale prices. 
  • STYLE: No one can deny the importance of style in stepping up the grace of an outfit. Any outfit is incomplete in the absence of a good pair of shoes. Our collection has been hand-picked for different kinds of dresses and choices.

Design, quality, colour, style, comfort all matter in the Matterhorn collection of women’s footwear range.


Women’s boots for winter – a review of fashion trends for the season 2021/2022

Your autumn/winter wardrobe cannot lack comfortable and elegant footwear. Here are our suggestions for the coming season. We want to check what the manufacturers of new women’s footwear collections will surprise us with.

Mix of old and new trends

Polish footwear collections feature many models that are modern versions of the “classics”, such as autumn Chelsea boots or ankle shoes. Designers experiment with form, materials and accessories. 

  • The most popular trend of the season? Thick soles in a sporty style. Platforms as a key style feature appear in many shoe categories. Thick, profiled soles, for example, are featured in the new collections of ankle boots, over-the-knee boots and sporty versions of Chelsea boots.
  • Women’s shoes for the autumn/winter 2021/2022 season will be colourful, bold in form and accessories. The new collections will feature, among others, large, decorative chains – a trend which also prevailed in the summer season. An interesting fashion news are sachets on a belt, attached to shoes as a practical, but quite unusual accessory.
  • Among elegant models of women’s winter footwear, we can see a large selection of over-the-knee boots. Polish collections mainly feature over-the-knees boots made of suede or eco-suede. Classic models are still very popular – long boots, on a thin heel, with a high upper finished with a decorative string.

Winter boots – breaking the form

Among the latest models of boots, bold forms of footwear stand out. Key features? Breaking the style, combining various, seemingly incompatible elements. Here is our selection of the most interesting models:

  • We will start with the classics, i.e. effective worker boots made of ecological leather. Women’s lace-up boots in military style have a practical inner zipper. An interesting feature is the set of decorative straps with chains and zircons.
  • Black boots made of ecological leather are another interesting model. This model has a bold form and is distinguished by a contrasting, bright platform sole. Such boots are  ideal for sporty stylisations.
  • Extravagant model of ankle boots, made of ecological suede, will surely not escape anyone’s attention. Fashionable sock upper and decorative gold chain are the key features of these boots. An interesting feature is also a typically sporty sole.

The youth version of Chelsea boots

A footwear “classic” in a new version has a form which neatly combines universal features with fashion trends. The character of the well-known, tight-fitting form of Chelsea boots is changed by, among others, thick soles, contrasting colours or unusual decorations.

  • Platform Chelsea boots are a trend that will definitely prevail in the coming winter season. The model by Inello stands out with its fashionable type of upper made of a “sock” fabric. Elegant shoes with wide styling possibilities.
  • Another model of footwear also breaks the well-known, elegant form of Chelsea boots. In this case, the distinctive feature is a decorative strap with a detachable chain. The sole refers to the current trends – thick, solid, with a slightly higher heel.

Boots – tailored elegance

What boots will be fashionable in the coming season? Over-the-knee boots are a must, but this season very fashionable are also modern models of jackboots and boots with unusual accessories.

  • Classic, navy blue over-the-knee boots have appeared in the offer of e.g. Inello brand. The footwear with high, tight fitting upper perfectly emphasizes the shape of the leg. The model is made of ecological suede with fur lining inside.
  • Women’s boots with sachets are one of the most original, fashion hits of the season. The belt can be used as a practical addition or an extravagant decoration. Footwear in a fashionable grey colour, with a tie and practical zip fastening.
  • We should also mention a model that definitely stands out in our list, i.e. modern jackboots. The presented footwear boldly combines trends – pastel colours, decorative chains and a solid sole.

Fashionable snow boots – for cold, bad weather and winter sports

Winter wardrobe can not miss the warm snow boots on a flat sole. Here is our selection of the most interesting models from this category of footwear.

  • Black women’s snow boots are covered with fashionable orthalion fabric. Attention is drawn to the zipper, which is located in the front part of the shoe. The must-have elements are the thick, well-insulating sole and the fur-lined interior.
  • Let’s add a trendy, sporty version of white snow boots. The presented model was made of ecological leather and orthalion fabric. An interesting feature of these boots are small red and white details in a sporty style.
  • Finally, a model whose form has won the hearts of enthusiasts of comfortable winter “boots”. We’re talking about classic snow boots made of suede. This model has a strongly insulated upper and an unusual decoration, i.e. a decorative strap with zircons.

Which of the described models will become a fashion hit of the winter season?

We also want to invite you to check our latest collections of jackets, coats and jumpers for the new season!


“Warming up your wardrobe” – beautiful women’s coats and jackets for autumn-winter 2021-2022

A classic wool coat or a down jacket? We want to check the new collections of fashionable women’s garments for the coming season.

Stylish, cosy coats

The autumn/winter season is the perfect opportunity to review and replenish your wardrobe. Warm coats and insulated jackets belong to the basic clothing category. In order to create interesting stylizations, it is worth having at least several models of both classic garments and those which follow the latest trends.

Which coats for autumn and winter?

Classics still rule – this short summary can be used to describe the continuing popularity of long woolen coats. New collections will feature both oversize coats and fashionable, short versions, combining elegant and sporty style.

Playing with style – mini trench, woollen jacket, asymmetrical jackets? Fashionable jackets for the new season are characterised by unconventional experiments with form. A jacket can be made of materials typical for coats, and a classic coat can have elements characteristic for sportswear.  

Soft and cosy – comfortable materials that provide maximum comfort are another distinctive feature of the new collections. A similar trend can also be seen in the cut of coats – oversize models prevail, or coats that are short but loose and comfortable.

Autumn and winter essential – a coat

We begin our review with the most interesting models of women’s coats.

The first one is a classic, elegant tie coat by Nife. Designers have managed to break the style of a long autumn coat tied at the waist in an interesting way. An unusual feature of the coat are beautiful, slightly widened sleeves, the length of which can be adjusted. A very fashionable mahogany shade also draws attention.

The second one is a two-coloured suede coat that is undoubtedly decorative. A great advantage of this model is an interesting, contrasting combination of black and fuchsia. Elegant form is emphasized by a fashionable waist tie and wide, aesthetically shaped collar.

Another fashionable coat model is a soft version of the classic jacket in a pastel shade of pink. An unusual solution, which attracts attention with its bold combination of a jacket and trench. It is made from a blend of polyester and cotton – the warm, cosy fabric will perfectly protect you from the cold.

FIGL designers presented a bold combination of jacket and coat in their new collection. The coat, reminiscent of a classic parka, impresses with its loose fit and sporty details. An interesting colour combination also attracts attention.

The elegant sweater coat by Vitesi impresses with its unusual cut of the collar, reminiscent of a shawl. The soft, warm, buttoned coat is made from a blend of cotton and acrylic. Note the unusual, fashionable cut of the sleeves.

Women’s jackets – graceful and sporty

Fashionable women’s jackets for autumn include short styles reminiscent of trench tops. Bomber jackets are still very fashionable and can be worn on warmer days. 

Quilted women’s jackets are back in style this season, in both mini and oversize versions. Also very fashionable this season are jackets made from slightly shiny “holo” materials – ideal for sporty and casual outfits.

Which models of women’s jackets are worth recommending for the coming season? 

Here are our suggestions:

The proposition from the new Makover collection is an elegant women’s jacket referring in its cut to the classic trench. Attention is drawn to the details – large buttons, double-breasted closure and epaulettes. This elegant jacket will look perfectly with classic fabric trousers and stiletto heels.

Proposition by FIGL is a short autumn jacket with a very interesting cut. The bomber model is distinguished by fashionable, large flap pockets and decorative buttons. Sleeves and bottom of the jacket are finished with an elastic band. A fashionable, loose-fitting garment that can easily replace a jacket or blazer.

Let’s move on to winter jackets. New collections feature many interesting quilted models – here is the proposition by Awama. Midi length quilted jacket has a loose, sporty cut. Black, slightly glossy material attracts attention. Obligatory, fashionable feature? Wide decorative tape with company logo.

Another model of the quilted jacket is distinguished by an extremely fashionable shade of slightly glossy pink. The long holographic coat has a high collar, pockets, and is fastened with buttons. An original, sporty garment for casual, sporty and elegant outfits.

An interesting asymmetrical coat model is also included in our propositions. Lenitif women’s jacket delights with a double-breasted fastening, a beautiful collar and an unusual form. A combination of an elegant style with a pepite pattern additionally increases the visual value of this model.

How to sum up the above list? 

The upcoming autumn/winter 2021 season is sure to bring many fashion surprises. Fashionable women’s garments from the new collections boldly combine different cut styles and comfortable, lightweight form.